Who we are, what we do and why we do it.


Why Choose Our Services

Here are the top 10 reasons why to choose Oneserve Ltd as your trusted business partner.

  • Our team - You will have access to an excellent team.
  • Our values – Confidentiality, reliability, friendliness, promptness, accuracy are amongst our top values.
  • We deliver - an efficient and personalized service which focuses on your needs, promptly within deadlines.
  • We invest - in professional and technical resources so as to always provide the most up-to-date integrated business solutions.
  • Our priorities - Your requirements are our priority. We put you first and we will respond to your emails and telephone calls promptly.
  • We provide advice on your business matters maintaining confidentiality.
  • Peace of mind – Let us take care of your business issues so that you can feel free to run your business.
  • A Long Relationship – we foster with all of our clients deep and long term business relationships. In Oneserve, behind every accountant you will find a good friend!
  • Our vision – you may find it weird that our vision is not about us but it is about seeing our clients achieving growth and success in their businesses and this gives us strength and a feeling of fulfilment.
  • Our approach – we have a unique professional and at the same time warm approach to all of the challenges your business faces and with an open mind but always with the integrity and ethics that our profession encompasses, will walk you to the next step up the ladder of success.


We can provide accounting services for your needs. No need to employ an accountant if you are a small office. We can provide this service for you effectively and efficiently.

Tax Planning

Our experts can design the best strategy according to your own circumstances. Arrange a meeting and talk to one of our partners to get more information for this service.

Payroll Processing

If you have a fully fledged office in Cyprus, you will need to account for Social Insurance and other employment costs. This is service is especially made for you.


If you need to employ people for your office, let us do the selection from our database of employee applications or we can design your job advertisement and carry out the interviews.

Audit & Assurance

Every company will need an auditor so we are here to service you. We have a qualified team of experts that can carry out the audit and provide you with the assurance you require according to the Companies Act..


Do you need expert advice on setting up another company or a legal tax scheme to maximize profits and minimize excess taxes? We can provide consultations on how to achieve the optimum business strategy..

Company Set-Up

Setting up a company in Cyprus has many advantages and we can arrange the necessary steps very quickly. Your new company will be up in not time thanks to our efficient team of associates that can carry that out for you.

Training & Development

If you need any training on areas of tax or accounting, we have a team of trainers that can deliver an in-house seminar for you.