You can count or our accounting services.

Accounting Services

  • accounting-servicesAre you spending more time trying to manage your books than your business?
  • Do you want experienced professionals to handle your accounting tasks, but can not afford a full-time accountant?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Oneserve Ltd can solve your accounting problems. Handing off your accounting tasks to Oneserve Ltd will allow you to focus on the core issues of your business. Accurate accounting of your books will allow you more time to take informed decisions concerning your business. You’ll be attracted by our friendliness and you’ll be amazed by the quality of our services.

Benefits of using our accounting services

  • Help on deciding what type of entity to set up when you first get started;
  • Ensure that you pay the correct types of taxes on time.
  • Advise you on deductions and tax allowable expenses.
  • Advise and guide you through an audit if you need one.
  • Compile your financial records for the previous years.
  • Help you understand your financial statements. We will help you analyze your financial statements so you can understand even better what is going on in your business.

Why you will choose us?

  • You want a high level of SERVICE
  • We have a POSITIVE approach and believe we can make a difference in your organization.
  • We use a PROFESSIONAL approach to any project or client we undertake
  • Efficiency and accuracy rank high amongst our VALUES
  • We believe in a continuous IMPROVEMENT philosophy in everything we do
  • Our team is DRIVEN by a key set of work values
  • We aspire to be our client's key STRATEGIC advisor and partner
  • Building long-term customer RELATIONSHIPS is our passion
  • You want the CONVENIENCE of dealing with one professional accounting practice
  • You want INNOVATIVE solutions to your ever-changing business challenges
  • Our skills are continuously UPDATED to provide you with the latest solutions.

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